Because Rural kids deserve equal opportunity

Study Garh Building Khan academy for rural India

Who We Are

Study Garh is basically khan academy for rural India , we want to provide rural kids best content from top teachers in personalized way for FREE.

We are running Free study center for rural kids in Pratapgarh district of U.P ,India. Where we work with more than 60 students to increase their creativity and foundational skills.

To expand our reach to more rural kids we launches Study Garh YouTube channel so that we can provide creative and leaning content online in their vernacular language that will make learning easy and for them. Instead of learning we are also focusing on their  creativity so that they can also show their talent in front of world.

Why studygarh


— Problem

Coming from rural village in Uttar Pradesh we realized rural students lack access to good quality content in their native language, due to which they are not able to access online education effectively 


— Solution

By providing good quality content in their native language with practical and relatable examples from their life. We make online learning fun for rural students, enabling more rural kids to study online.


— Operational Plan

Create NEP based content in Hindi language and add more teacher to team . Create Worksheet and other creative learning material for rural students. Open few more Study Garh centers(in partnership)


— We Educate

We are working with more than 80 rural students and using different approaches for creating their strong foundation. Launches community library program to push them towards creativity and learning.

— We Provide Care

We take care of their health and hygiene , organize health camps at Study Garh center to aware them about  how to achieve good health and the importance of taking proper nutrition.

— We Aware

We aware rural kids about education and their importance and for that we took out rallies for the school chalo abhiyaan, organized Yuva Panchayat program, contacted parents to parents to spread awareness and force them to join school.

key Achievements

Emergent Venture Winner

We won Emergent Venture India grant, which empowers us to dedicate increased efforts and resources to enhance Study Garh.

Running You Tube channel and offline centeres

We have created approximately 1.4k videos for the Study Garh YouTube channel, generating over 9.8lakh views and accumulating more than 10,000 hours of watch time. Our channel boasts a subscriber count of over 3,200.

Our Numbers

Number of Educators
1 K
Total Subscribers
10000 L
Views on our videos